Patricia Mather Parker
Fantasy has always been my favorite genre. Elves, wizards, sorceresses, mermaids…I love them all. In fact, I decided early in life that all of these beings must be real. They just had to. This belief has always brought me comfort.

Dragons occupy first place on my list of favorite fantasy creatures. Huge, fire-breathing, wise, often dangerous. Yes!

So, after several years writing articles for magazines and newspapers, I decided I had to write at least one story about dragons. If I couldn’t fly or breathe fire myself, I could at least make up a world where my characters experienced that magic. That story turned into The Abode, where the dragons, with one exception, turn out to be the good guys.

I live in Lewisburg, PA, with my husband, an ancient beagle, and a middle-aged cat. Our house is two blocks from the mighty Susquehanna, one of the most flood-prone rivers in the nation. When I’m not writing, I’m probably weeding the garden, searching for chocolate, reading, or watching another cop show.

My stories for young people have appeared in Highlights for Children, Stories for Children Magazine, and Odyssey Magazine.